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A note about Consideration within this Healing Sanctuary…

This is a Sacred, Blessed, High-frequency and Powerful place for Self-discovery, Growth and Transformation. Please be mindful of the energy you bring into this space. We delightful humans are quirky beings. Each of us are coming into this place with our own delicate mix of pain, relief, sorrow, joy, anguish, purpose, hope – and so much more.

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.”

Please honor your own needs in this space while also recognizing that others are on their own, individual journey as well. Inappropriate behavior that impacts the comfort and safety of our team or other guests will not be tolerated.

  • Drug use, sexual advances, and sexual activity are not appropriate in this space and will not be tolerated.
  • Please silence or turn off your mobile device, conclude any phone conversations, and/or leave your mobile devices in the car.

What to Expect

  • Membership, Booking & Payment are handled prior to your visit, through our App or website/online via MindBody client management software. By handling all the particulars before your arrival it allows you to simply check-in, get comfortable and begin to immerse yourself into your regenerative EE session and experience. We do ask that our new members arrive 15 minutes early to get acquainted with our team and the energy center.
  • Dress comfortably. Consider layers. Our Healing Sanctuary is climate controlled and on the cooler side to enhance the environment for relaxation, rest and sleep. Also, the body may fluctuate temperature as it receives & facilitates healing and detoxification
  • Feel free to take your shoes off in the Healing Sanctuary. Bare feet, socks and slippers are welcome.
  • We encourage you to bring your own blankets, pillows, water, eye-masks, headphones, etc. By bringing your own items they also receive the benefit of being scalar-enhanced while in the EESystem and will thus continue to hold the high vibration of your experience.
  • Each seat is equipped with a pillow, blanket and towel. Extras of these items are available for use at no charge.
  • The lighting is kept dim in the healing sanctuary. This also increases the BioPhotonic light benefits of the EE screens. If you prefer darkness, please bring an eye-mask, or purchase one of ours.
  • To preserve an environment of healing and regeneration, we encourage Quiet and Stillness in our healing sanctuary. Ambient music and/or the sounds of nature will play softly in the background of our space. If your preference is for deeper silence, please feel welcome to bring headphones with you.
  • Drinking water is encouraged during your session. If you forget to bring your own, we provide scalar enhanced water, from being within the system, for you to enjoy. Eating is not allowed within the healing sanctuary.
  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Prior to, During and After your sessions. Water is Powerful. We are made of water and we need water to sustain our connectivity and flow in life!
  • Eat a small, nutritious meal before your session. Aim to be nourished and satisfied, but not overly full. This affords the body the benefits of the “rest and digest” side of your nervous system to engage without working overtime and expending precious energy.
  • Most intentionally, enter this supportive regenerative environment, this healing opportunity and atmosphere with an open mind, an open heart and the promises of Illumination, Inspiration, Peace, Grace, Growth and a Higher Good. “Let There Be Light!”
  • See items listed in the “Before” section related to pro tips for your visit: Considerations inside our healing Sanctuary, What to Wear, What to Bring, What we have available for use of, Refreshments, etc.
  • While we make every effort to promote a Quiet space for your sessions, you may hear the common joyful conversation and traffic of our reception area and our chiropractic & functional medicine members. Headphones are encouraged if you prefer an even quieter experience. We have basic ear-plugs available should you need them.
  • Intention setting, Quiet Prayer, Mindful meditation, journaling and napping are highly encouraged during your session. You might be amazed at the breakthroughs that can happen Mind, Heart and Spirit when you give yourself permission to Pause and Receive within this space.
  • Refrain from loud talking, phone conversations, conducting virtual meetings or using your electronics without headphones while in the healing sanctuary. We reserve time at the end of each session for community, conversation, connection and clean-up.
  • Detox Happens! Detox, Healing and the ways our bodies express Health are not always pleasant nor convenient, and they happen nevertheless. Embrace the idea that your body intuitively knows what is not healthy & constructive for itself and will work to alleviate itself of such energies in order to raise its frequency. Should you experience any symptoms of detoxification -such as nausea, headache, dizziness, restlessness, tightness, etc.- Honor your body and give it what it needs! Breathe. Get up. Move around. Stretch. Drink some water. Use the restroom. Get some fresh air. Trust that your body’s innate intelligence is receiving and directing the healing benefits of the EESystem and using it for your highest good. Please know our team is available to support you if you should you need our assistance.
  • Scalar-enhanced water & herbal tea are available. We ask that you have a covered container to minimize potential spills.
  • Eating is not allowed in the healing sanctuary.
  • Restrooms – restrooms are located within the building. Use as you need to during your session.
  • All sessions will begin and end on schedule. Additional time will not be added to your appointment should you arrive late or need to excuse yourself from the session for restroom breaks, phone calls, personal needs, etc.
  • The final 15 minutes of each session is reserved for a more Communal atmosphere of conversation, fellowship and sharing. We are always amazed at the connective power of our space and we hope that you will find familiarity in the journeys of others, just as yourself, toward your most optimal state of Wellness.
  • Continued Hydration! As before – Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Any detoxification that your body needs to facilitate will be aided in the process by having ample water to help flush toxins & impurities from the system. The body needs water to sustain Life and flow! Please inquire with us if you would like a print out of Dr. Michael’s recommendations for some Wellness Juice Detox Recipes.
  • Fresh Healthy Nourishment & Food choices. Nourish yourself with natural, not processed, foods. Keep your body in a state of Vitality by making healthy, balanced food choices.
  • !!Soak in a Salt Bath!! {link to recipe}
    • Follow this basic ingredients recipe to mix up your own Detox Salt Bath. {link to recipe}
    • We have this scalar-enhanced Detox Salt Bath mix available for purchase & refill. Initial container purchase is $16, refills with your container are $12.
    • If a full bath soak cannot be managed or achieved, a foot soak with the Detox Bath Recipe {link to recipe} is highly encouraged. Another beneficial option is to soak a towel in water and the Detox Bath mix and drape this across the back and chest.
    • It is important to note here that the recommendation is sea salt in this detox recipe and NOT EPSOM SALT. Sea salt aides in the removal of impurities and further detoxification, while Epsom crystals are intended to help draw tension-soothing minerals into the skin. Reserve your Epsom bath soaks for when you have over-worked, sore and tense muscles. Use the alkalizing recipe of Dr. Michael’s Detox Salt bath following your EE Sessions.
  • Movement & Relaxation – Every individual’s Energy Enhancement experience is different. Some people may feel energized and “charged-up” following a session, while others may experience fatigue and a sense of being depleted. Honor what you feel your body needs. Move if it feels good. Rest and go easy on yourself if that is what feels necessary. Stay attuned to your body.
  • Honoring your body’s “expression of health” – Just as with tuning into your needs for movement or relaxation, your body may progress through some expressions of health that may feel like symptoms of “getting sick”. Likely, what you are experiencing is detoxification from impurities that your body wants to be free from. Remember to soak in the detox salt bath, keep hydrated, move & fuel, rest & sleep your body as you feel necessary and get fresh air and sunlight on the regular.

What is a PMA? How do I join?

  • All visits are by appointment only. Illuminate Energy Centers operates as a Private Membership Association. Membership is required and complimentary. The aim of a PMA is to give members the freedom of personal choice in their health and wellness care and to eliminate interference from corporate medicine and its attempts to control healthcare for profit. Prior to any booking of sessions, there will be an initial, no cost, lifetime membership requirement to join Illuminate Energy Center. This membership agreement, along with Illuminate Energy Center’s Liability Waiver, Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Fee policies will be processed with your initial registration paperwork.
  • Interested in getting started? Click here to sign-up or sign-in to your account.

What does an EESystem Session look & feel like?

  • When you join us at Illuminate Energy Centers you will enter our healing sanctuary and find yourself immersed in a quiet and reverent space. Our healing sanctuary is kept dim and temperature controlled for optimizing rest and relaxation. The light of the EESystem is what fills the space and ambient sounds are played in the background during each session. We have reserved seating options so you will find your area and prepare yourself by sitting or reclining in a zero-gravity recliner or chaise lounge.
  • A session length can be anywhere from 60 minutes to hours depending upon your specific needs and choice. Sixty minutes is a sweet spot for relaxation. Deeper healing/detoxification benefits start to take place in sessions greater than a single hour. Two hour sessions are the recommended length of time.
  • At Illuminate we recommend that you accumulate a base of 20 hours as efficiently as you are able. Any amount of time that you can spend in the system has cumulative effects on the body, mind and spirit.
  • After the initial delight of watching the EES monitors fades, we encourage you to close your eyes and move to a more interior focus by praying, stating intentions to yourself, meditating and/or power napping. Your body’s innate intelligence knows precisely where the scalar energy and light force of the system will be best utilized. Mindfully affirm to yourself that your body is designed for Health.
  • Keep a consideration of Quiet & Peace during your session and feel free to get water or use the restroom when necessary.
  • In the final 15 minutes of each session, there is time to start coming back to the time & place around you. At this time many members will engage in conversation and sharing while gathering up their things. You will see our Illuminate Team moving about the space at this time to prepare for the next members coming into their sessions.

How long does an EE Session last and how many do I need?

  • A session length can be anywhere from 60 minutes to hours depending upon your specific needs and choice. Sixty minutes is a sweet spot for relaxation. Deeper healing/detoxification benefits start to take place in sessions longer than a single hour. Two hour sessions are the ideal for each visit.
  • At Illuminate we recommend that you accumulate a base of 20 hours as efficiently as you are able. Any amount of time that you can spend in the system has cumulative effects on the body, mind and spirit.

What are the effects of an EE Session?

Here are some examples of what people have reported:

  • Feelings of Calmness, Harmony
  • Natural Healing & Rejuvenation
  • Sense of Increased Energy
  • Relief from Depression
  • More Emotionally Clear
  • Rapid Post Surgical Healing
  • Improved Inner Direction
  • Better Response to Stressors
  • Detoxification
  • Peak Performance
  • Better Mental Health
  • Relief from Severe Pain
  • Improved Blood Profiles
  • Self-Confidence & Self-Love

2 Minutes to Explain HOW & WHY The EESystem Works

What is a Scalar Field? Biophotic Light?

Jason of UNIFYD Healing Helps Explain the EESystem Technology, Mechanics and Delivery System

Can you answer health related questions?

  • At the core of Illuminate Energy Centers we are a team of healers versed in philosophically-based Chiropractic. We work by non-invasive means to regulate the nervous system so the “Power that made the body can Heal the body”. We do not offer to diagnose or treat any disease or condition other than Vertebral Subluxation and the effects of this subluxation (misalignment) on the whole of the Nervous System. The Zone Chiropractic method of correction is by specific adjustments to the brain centers and the spinal chord, thereby allowing the innate healing abilities of the body and all of its conductivity to work at maximum efficiency. The EESystem is a complement to the Zone Chiropractic and Functional Medicine services that our doctors provide.  The EESystem is not a medical device. The EESystem Technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, nor prevent any illness. No guarantees expressed or implied are made about the efficacy of the technology. Results may vary between individuals. Information and statements made available to you about the system are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. This disclaimer also applies to all additional products and services provided by Windmill Wellness and Illuminate Healing Collective PMA, including written information, labels, brochures, and flyers, as well as any information provided orally or by any other medium of communication. Medical advice must be obtained only from your own qualified health care practitioners. The EESystem Technology and Windmill Wellness/ Illuminate Healing Collective PMA, and its owners, do not dispense medical advice nor prescribe medical treatments or diagnose illnesses. The views and advice expressed by the EESystem Technology licensor and Windmill Wellness / Illuminate Healing Collective PMA are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical services.

What else can I do to enhance the healing quality of my EE Session?

Some of the most substantial ways one can enhance the healing quality of an EE Session is to be Open-minded, Open-hearted, in a state of Receptivity and Affirmative of the body’s innate and divine power to heal itself. Our bodies consistently work toward a place of optimum health. Our bodies are designed to be Healthy! Sickness, chronic symptoms and dis-ease are all signals alerting us that something is out of alignment with our highest good and wanting to get back into order to keep us progressing to our Best, most Productive, Creative and Purposeful self.

The next best practice for getting the most from your EE Sessions and to maximize the body’s detoxification process, is to take time to soak in the recommended detox bath recipe. Ideally, this would be a whole body soak in a warm bath for a minimum of 30 minutes. If a full body soak cannot be achieved, definitely find a way to do a foot soak or to wrap your upper body in a towel or blanket drenched in the detox recipe. The “After” tab of the “What to Expect” section provides a link to the recipe for this mixture. If you are interested in purchasing a refillable container of this mixture, we have them ready and available in the office for an initial cost of $16 with refills at $12 or complimentary refills when you schedule online.

Please keep in mind healing is a journey and optimal health requires attentiveness and consistency. No part of Wellness is a quick-fix. Find the tempo that works best for you with your sessions and commit this self-care time of Renewal & Rejuvenation, Light & Love to yourself on the regular.

We are here to support and encourage you all along the way!

How do EES medallions and bracelets work?

Visiting will show you the variety of products they offer.

EESystem has developed their very own proprietary process that they use for creating and permanently embedding the EESystem Technology. They “hyper-charge” dense intentional, super-conductive fields into their products for True BioScalar benefits.

The EEBodyGear strengthens our ability to withstand day-to-day disruptive energy. Assisting in our potential to ‘Stay Strong’ when exposed to the detrimental effects of power lines, cell phones, TV and Computer screens, Toxins, Pollution, Jet Lag, EMFs, ELFs, Radiation, 5G, and Microwaves.

Our Wellness Coordinators are happy to assist you with ordering your products. We can add them to our Bulk Order to save you time and money.

What are the terms and conditions for bringing pets?

We welcome the animal kingdom into our Healing Sanctuary! Advanced notice and appointment requests to bring your animal with you must be made and confirmed with the Illuminate team. Pet sessions are $60 for 2 hours. Well-behaved pets are allowed with their human escorts for sessions in the EEsystem of Illuminate Energy Centers. We expect pets to be crated or kenneled if they are ailing and/or may disrupt the peace and solitude of others. Please bring pet pads, blankets and a water bowl to accommodate your animal friend in the EESystem. It is the express request and responsibility of Illuminate PMA members to disclose to us if they are allergic, have sensitivities to, or otherwise uncomfortable with being in the presence of animals. Illuminate staff members retain the right to decide if a pet can be accommodated during a specific session time due to the other human individuals within the Healing Sanctuary.